Seminar on cultural heritage

Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute in collaboration with Þórbergur Þórðarson centre held a hybrid seminar on 20th February to present projects in promoting and preserving cultural heritatge. Þorbjörg Arnórsdóttir and Fjölnir Torfason from the Þórbergssetur spoke about a successful project in locating and researching on visual remains of old buildings in Suðursveit. Information about the project are accessible in Icelandic on the website Skúli Björn Gunnarsson presented various projects, funded by East Iceland Structual Fund and the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme,  that GG Institute is working on concerning the heritage of the medieval monastery, for example visual content from all the farms and sites that the 16th century monastery owned in East Iceland, along with that a fishing site in Suðursveit. After the hybrid online seminar the attendees at Skriðuklaustur could explore VR and other multimedia options for the monastic heritage. The online seminar is accessible on Skriðuklaustur's Youtube channel.

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