The institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson was created in 1997 with rules set by the Minister of Education, Mr. Björn Bjarnason. Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson operated according to these rules until the end of 2007, taking into account the gift certificate of Gunnar Gunnarsson the poet and Franzisca Gunnarsson, his wife, of December 11, 1948,

From January 1, 2008, the institution has been run as a with Non – profit Self independent institute.

In 1999, an agreement was made between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture that the The institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson had at his disposal and supervision at Skriðuklaustur in Fljótsdalur, the former home of Gunnarsson; Gunnarshús, and the building next to it Skriða as a director's or staff residence, and a 15 ha plot around the houses. That is the home of the institute, though its platform is East Iceland and, in fact, the whole world.

At Skriðuklaustur, the institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson runs a cultural and educational center with live cultural activities all year round, exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the institute is thus as of 1 January 2018:

• Gunnar Björn Gunnarsson chairman, appointed by the Ministry of Education, his alternate being Gunnar Martin Úlfsson.•

Sigríður Sigmundsdóttir Vice Chairman, appointed by Austurbrú, Her alternate is Björg Björnsdóttir.

• Margrét Jónsdóttir, appointed by the University of Iceland, her alternate is Hjalti Hugason.

• Svanhildur Óskarsdóttir appointed by the Árni Magnússon Institute of Icelandic Studies, her alternate being Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir.

• Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir appointed by the Icelandic Writers Association, her alternate being Bjarni M. Bjarnason 




Skúli Björn Gunnarsson was born east in Fljótsdalshérað district on March 24, 1970. He is an educated Icelandic scholar but worked in publishing, promotion, advertising, multimedia, website design and public relations before taking up the position of director of the Gunnar Institute on October 1, 1999.His email address is skuli[at] 

Other employees

Ólöf Sæunn Valgarðsdóttir (Skotta) is an anthropologist who has worked at the Gunnarsstofa intermittently since 2001. She oversees the reception at the site and manages summer activities as well as other projects.Her email is skotta [at]

Cultural Fund

The Gunnar Gunnarsson institute runs a cultural fund. The Cultural Fund was established in 2013 by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The purpose of the Cultural Fund is twofold: on the one hand, to support the activities of the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute at Skriðuklaustur with annual contributions to it; on the other hand, supporting writers, artists, scholars, and students to work is consistent with the role of the Gunnar Institute.

The fund is intended to promote cultural activities at Skriðuklaustur and to strengthen the image of The Gunnar Gunnarsson institute as a cultural institution.

The Cultural funds board advertises when grants are available from the cultural fund and establishes the emphasis for each deadline.

Application and final report:

UMSÓKNAREYÐUBlað/application form LOKASKÝRSLa/final report

*Links will open in a new browser window as a pdf

** The application form and final report form are only avalible in Icelandic. Please contact us for possibility in other languages.

*** Contact the Cultural fund with email: menningarsjodur[at]

  • The Board of the Gunnar Gunnarsson Cultural Fund

    The board of the Gunnar Gunnarsson Cultural Fund is thus appointed from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2019.

    Helgi Gíslason chairman, nominated by the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute.
    Gunnar Björn Gunnarsson, nominated by the Ministry of Education and Culture from the group of descendants.
    Sigríður Sigmundsdóttir, nominated by the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute.

    Alternate: Signý Ormarsdóttir, nominated by the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute.

    The Cultural Fund Board establishes its rules of procedure and allocation rules.
  • Allocation policy

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  • 2

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