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Welcome to Skriðuklaustur


The Land Surveyors

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les arpenteurs - Anne Favret & Patrick ManezA new exhibition has been opened in gallery Klaustur with photos made by the French photographers Anne Favret and Patrick Manez. The pictures are a part of large photo project that they worked on for years by the astronomical obervatory on the Calern plateau in South France. They work together on their photographical projects and have focused on the preoccupation of landscape. Their projects have been in historical and superficial cities, as Alexandria, Rotterdam, Montreuil, Genua, Berlin and Bruxels.

Anne Favret and Patrick Manez are a bit like the hero of Solaris (from the 1961 novel by Stanislas Lem). They went to take a closer look to a strange city, the astrometrical observatory of the Calern plateau located between heaven and earth, not so different from a space station.  (Michel Poivert)

The exhibition will stand until 27th June and it is open everyday at Skriðuklaustur from 10:00 til 18:00.


Fjögur verkefni fengu styrk

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Styrkþegar ásamt sjóðsstjórn: Helgi Gíslason, formaður sjóðsstjórnar, Jón Hjartarson, Hallveig K. Eiríksdóttir, Jóhanna Hafliðadóttir f.h. Oskars Vistdal, Ari Sigurjónsson f.h. Sigurgeirs Orra Sigurgeirssonar, Sigríður Sigmundsdóttir og Gunnar Björn Gunnarsson.On the birthday of Gunnar Gunnarsson, 18th May the first grants from the new Gunnarsson Cultural Fund were delivered. One million Icelandic kronas was given to four projects. Three projects got 200.000 ISK:  Hallveig K. Eiríksdóttir and Þorvaldur S. Helgason to make a theatre piece from the novel Seven Days Darkness; Jón Hjartarson to write a play from three short stories by Gunnar and Oskar Vistdal for a Norwegian translation of Black Cliffs. Sigurgeir Orri Sigurgeirsson received a grant of 400.000 ISK for a documentary film script about Gunnar Gunnarsson's life.


A new logo for the Cultural Fund was presented at the ceremony. It is design by Zdenek Patak, a graphic designer who lives in Stöðvarfjörður. The logo is in direct relation with the logo for Skriðuklaustur which Patak did in 2008.


A Talk about Advent

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vesteinn 3Next Sunday, 17th May, Vesteinn Olason professor emeritus will talk about Advent (The Good Shepherd) by Gunnar Gunnarsson at Skriðuklaustur. The novella is the most famous of Gunnarsson's works and has been translated to many languages. Next year there will be 80 years since it was first published. And on Monday 18th May there are 126 years since Gunnar Gunnarsson was born in Fljotsdalur valley. The talk (in Icelandic) starts at 16.00 in the office of Gunnarsson at Skriðuklaustur. Free entrance and all welcome.(ljósm. JÓ/Árnastofnun)


Sunna Ross exhibits in gallery Klaustur

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sunnahreindyr2Saturday 9th May at 12 am Sunna Ross will open her exhibition in gallery Klaustur. On the exhibitions are drawings. She wanted to draw reindeers but couln't find any that let her get close enough. Instead her friends offered her to do a little modelling for her. The exhibition is a part of the national art festival Art without borders and will be open until the end of May.

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Skriðuklaustur is in Fljótsdalur valley at the upper end of Lagarfljót lake - right by the highland road to Snæfell and Kárahnjúkar. Map

39 km from Egilsstaðir

11 km from Hallormsstaður forest

5 km from Hengifoss waterfall

A Visitor's centre for Vatnajökull National Park is also at Skriðuklaustur.

Adults (museum & guidance) 1100 kr
Children under 16 accompanied by adults 0 kr
Students 750 kr
Senior citizens / disabled 550 kr
Groups (20+) 900 kr
Guided tour of the archsite for groups (10>)
Adults 600 kr
Children under 16 accompanied by adults 0 kr


A vague joy filled him as he
looked; he felt that his soul
was come of the race of
those great mountains,
as a line of kings.

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